Speaking Engagements

My experiences speaking at literature events include:

Animating Literature: Words and Beyond (a seminar organised by the British Council in Kuala Lumpur)

Feb 2009


  • Animating Lives with Literature
  • Let’s Talk About Books


Children’s Literature Seminar (organised by the National Institute of Education, Singapore)

Nov 2009

Topic: Changing Lives with Books: Stories as a Life-Guide and a Healing Balm


Colloquim on Children’s Literature at University Malaya

March 2010

Topic: Children’s Literature: The Malaysian reading experience and its impact on the personal and literary identities of Malaysians


Asian Festival of Children’s Content

May 2010


  • How to Write the Best Multi-Cultural Children’s Books
  • Multicultural Literature: Looking Out to Grow Within


BELTA Creative Writing Seminar

February 2011

Topic: The Importance of Children’s Literature Written Specifically For and About the Asian Child


Asian Festival of Children’s Content

May 2012

Topic: The Art & Science of Writing Book Reviews: Online vs Print


Asian Festival of Children’s Content

May 2013

Topic: Asian Themes in Children’s Books


Singapore Writers Festival

Nov 2013

Topic: Reinvention and Adaptation: Tales for the Modern Age


May 2016 Asian Festival of Children’s Content


  • #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Really!
  • Dipping Your Toes in Book Reviewing
  • Facts and Figures: What Makes Non-Fiction Different?
  • Editors Are Your Best Friends